Relentless Innovation Driving Groundbreaking Advancements

For over 20 years, our Uni-Fuse infusion catheter has provided a standard of patient care. Our team of experts continues to advance our technologies to address new anatomical locations and patient needs in thrombosis. We believe constant innovation ensures success for our partners and their patients.

Sharpening the Approach

pulmonary artery technology image

Introducing the UniFuse+ Infusion Catheter, now indicated for the administration of fluids, including thrombolytic agents and contrast media into the peripheral and
pulmonary artery vasculature.

Advantages in the Pulmonary Artery

  • Complete Placement
    into the pulmonary arteries from the femoral and jugular approach
  • Ease of Navigation
    of the infusion segment into the pulmonary arteries
  • Strong Visualization
    under fluoroscopy to show exact placement in the pulmonary arteries

Uni-Fuse+ Animation

Delivering the Best Under Pressure

radial technology image


left popliteal technology image

Left Popliteal

right popliteal technology image

Right Popliteal

Uni-Fuse Catheter Applications

  • Pressure Response Outlets
    AngioDynamics' pressure response outlet technology has led the way for treatment of peripheral clot and catheter direct thrombolysis. The unique fluid outlets allow for an even distribution of fluid volume along the entire length of the infusion pattern, resulting in a 12-fold advantage over conventional side hole catheters1.
  • Radiopaque Markers
    Allows for stronger visualization under fluoroscopy and exact placement in the pulmonary artery vasculature
  • Occluding Ball Wire
    Prevents kinking and provides the proper force to activate pressure response outlets
  • Flow Through Hub
    Support catheter over bifurcation and is compatible with the self-adjusting occluding wire, providing pushability and easy navigation into the pulmonary artery from the femoral and jugular approach

1 Razavi M, Charles Semba. The Changing Role of Thrombolytic Therapy in the Management of Acute Deep Vein Thrombosis. Therapy 2005; 2,1:57-59.

Horizonal Uni-Fuse catheters

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